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 Formal Season Is My Favorite Time of Year!

           Although Formal Season has come and gone.. it should not be punished for my tardiness in posting and given its proper recognition. One of my absolute favorite things about being involved with Greek Life is Formal Season. Every sorority and fraternity for the most part has a “formal” where everyone gets dressed up, and goes to a fancy venue for a night of dancing and eating : ) This year I went to two formals, mine and my boyfriend’s. Mine was held at the Liberty Ballroom at the Courtyard Marriott which is a gorgeous ballroom right across the street from City Hall. My boyfriend’s fraternity held their formal at an artsy bar/restaurant venue in Center City called Moriarty’s.

        Personally, I think that formals are one of the best parts about Greek life in general. I love getting to basically re-do prom every year over and over. I love the pictures, the dresses, the memories. Call me a princess, but going to formal is the closest I think one can get to being Cinderella and going to the ball. Being quite the sentimental person I really cherish the opportunity to close out the year with such a formal affair. I think that being in Philadelphia makes our formals that much cooler than Greek Life other places because we have such a cool array of venues to choose from. For example in my freshman year my formal was in the historic and beautiful Union League building right on Broad St. Last year formal was right on the water .. on a boat!!.. at the Moshulu restaurant, an upscale boat restaurant right by Penn’s landing. ( Also, please note how being in Philadelphia provides for some interesting formal wardrobe opportunities.. note my boyfriend’s outfit ((right)) of Flyer’s orange & black, complete with a Flyer’s tie.)  The pictures and moments I take away from formal will definitely help me to never forget how lucky I was to have such an amazing college experience. I know, I’m sappy… but you all will be too when you are (gasp) rising seniors : ) More posts to come.. Happy Summertimeee!!

❤ Natalie


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 This is Me Studying for Finals <————-

Haha SIKE! But seriously, I’m probably just about as happy as this girl.. I mean no, I may not be sitting in a lounge chair, working on my tan, by a sparkling ocean in the warm sun while doing my homework… but I AM sitting on my bed, eating chex mix and snuggling with my kitten while doing my homework.. and that’s about as close to paradise as you can get this overstressed, sleep deprived, college student right now!!! Okay, let me explain the situation. Imagine.. It’s the week before finals.. you sit down to your desk with your coffee braced for a long night of studying when  you press the power button on your laptop and…. hmm?? what’s this?? ..no,…..no, please not now!!!… THIS ISN’T HAPPENING!! GAHHH PLEASSEEEE!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!! You get the idea, it didn’t turn on. SO I took in my laptop to our 24 hour computer help serviceshere on campus only to find that I need a new fan. Now, that’s a fairly easy problem to fix, but when you literally don’t have time to eat or sleep because you’re so busy studying ( where did you find time to blog about this you may be wondering, it’s called a study break comeon people..) driving all the way to BestBuy and spending 50 precious dollars on a new fan is simply not realistic.  Luckily, I found out this week that in the library, Temple offers loaner laptops that students may rent out for up to THREE DAYSS at a time!! How great is that?!!! You can take them ANYWHERE!  The price??… FREE! They even come with the pwer cord tucked into a nifty little backpack. Thus had I had the time, or money, this really could have been me studying for finals on the beach with my Temple Library Loaner Laptop. These loaner laptops are the sweetest deal I think I’ve ever heard of.  Oh sweet convenience.. now maybe I am being a little on the dramatic side, so sue me. Although we have one of the largest computer labs in the entire nation with over 600 computers and 49 additional computer labs throughout campus..sometimes a girl just needs to study in bed with her cat. Thanks for understanding Temple ❤

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One of the best feelings is giving back to the community that gives me so much. On Saturday morning I woke up to my phone ringing with my best friend Whitney’s fifth attempt to wake me up. I threw my hair up on top of my head and grabbed my “DZ” sneakers as I like to call them. I am referring to my  my pink and green pumas that I purchased with the sole reason (pun intended)that they were in Delta Zeta colors. However, since purchasing them they have lost their brilliant white luster and adopted a grungy gray. That’s okay with me though because caked into the dirt on my once white sneakers are  memories from DZ philanthropy events, like cleaning up parks in Philadelphia, playing outside with kids from the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, wrestling in jello to raise money for a camp for terminally ill children, and as of this weekend, organizing a warehouse. While I may not be the best at waking up for philanthropy even, I always feel amazing when I get to them.

Cradles to Crayons is a warehouse located in Conshohocken, PA. That’s just about a fifteen minute ride away from Temple’s campus. They collect, sort, and distribute new and very gently used items to low income families throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas as well as organizations that help people living below the poverty line. I spent the day organizing all of the items and quality checking them with my sisters. It felt a bit like I wasn’t making any progress when I looked at the piles of stuff, but what made it all worth while was seeing the final product. All of those clothes, toys, and books get packed into gender and age specific orders for particular children. Each order gives you a child’s name some specific requests and interests and important information like clothing sizes and age. One of my favorite tasks at the warehouse was sorting books. We grouped the books into age levels and then from there sorted them into gender specific packs tied with a ribbon that would get included in orders. I got to pack up some of my old favorites like the American Girl Doll series, the “Amelia Bedelia” series, and even classics like :goodnight Moon”.   This is a great organization for Temple students to get involved with because groups can go out and volunteer together or individuals can just come in and do some work when  is convenient for them.    It was a great feeling knowing that all of the work we were doing would put a smile on the face of a child in need somewhere, and maybe even one right in my own community in North Philadelphia somewhere.

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I love Syllabus Week !!

I know, I know, I’m such a nerd. I just can’t help it though!! I adore the first week of classes. I love fresh notebooks with my handwriting while it’s still neat and pretty, and freshly printed syllabi free from coffee stains, and learning something completely new.  I have some amazing classes this semester too! One of my favorites is called Child Literature and Folklore. It is a class that analyzes not only the components of a fairytale or folktale but also gives insight into what they symbolize on social and cultural levels as well. Some of the interpretations I’ve heard already range from hilarious to morbid to downright ridiculous. It is a great way to work on critical reading and writing with interesting material. Plus, how could I not love this stuff? I am an English major after all : P My room mates were so jealous when they saw that I had on my list of things to pick up from the book store things like “Winnie the Pooh”, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, “Are You There God it’s Me Margaret?” and ” Bridge to Terabithia”.  We do an entire unit just on Alice in Wonderland!! At the end of the semester we pick a significant text from our childhood and write an interpretive analytical essay on it. I am SO excited!! ( haha nerd, nerd, nerd.)

Some of my other classes this semester include Intro to English, Public Policy Analysis, and The American Constitution.I’m glad I have so many classes that I am genuinely interested in. It makes going to class that much more appealing on those mornings when dragging yourself out of bed at 7:00 is a struggle to say the least. More to come!


Owl Ambassador ; )

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It Feels SO Write!

One Temple resource I have been using a TON lately is the Writing Center. Now, if you’re like me going to a place like the Writing Center is a bit of a blow to your pride, after all I AM an English major. However, I have come to find that it is a seriously valuable resource, and lets face it, nobody’s perfect. I’ve been applying for summer internships and other academic programs which have been requiring many personal statements and writing samples. Since I really do want to get into some of them I figured it might help to have someone else take a look at my writing.

That’s what brought me to the Writing Center. I had only been once before; in my freshman year. However when I brought my personal statements in I found the advice I got to be SO useful that I came back with revisions later in the week. All of the services at Temple’s Writing Center are FREE, which is of course the best part. There are also no real limits on how many times you can come in. If I had the time, I could have brought my paper back every day last week! The Writing Center is located on the second floor of  the Tuttleman Learning Center. Their hours during the week go until 8pm which if you’re like me and busy during the day is really helpful. This is one Temple resource I definitely recommend checking out!

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Live Performance at the Kimmel Center


Every Friday Night at 5:30 pm the Kimmel Center in Center City features a different local performer. Last Friday Dan and I went and caught a performance by an incredible local performer; Arlene McCann. I’m not sure who I would compare her to,maybe K.D. Lang? or Jewel? or Sarah McLaughlin? Anyway, she had an absolutely gorgeous voice; we were both seriously impressed. She has a couple cds out if any of you like the clip above. She had alot of songs about rain and in an ironic turn of events she had to shift positions on the stage because it actually started raining on stage! She wrote must of her own songs and they were all really good. However, i have to admit my favorite performance was her cover of Damien Rice’s song, “Cannonball.” Not that her own stuff wasn’t awesome; I’m just a huge Damien Rice fan.

This was the first time I had ever been inside the Kimmel Center and it really was spectacular. The whole building is beautiful. Dan and I checked out the different levels while we were there. I was surprised they didn’t mind us wandering around like that! We could see some trees growing on one of the top levels and we asked a security guard about going to see them. He pointed us up a ramp that led to an elevator. At the very top floor the elevator doors opened up to reveal  a pretty little garden with several planted trees, ornamented with lights. The security guard informed us that they hold different events like weddings and stuff up there.All of what we saw wan’t even the main attraction,as the main feature of the Kimmel Center is a gorgeous theatre, that hosts some of Philadelphia’s best performances. Hanging out in an indoor garden listening to some free, fabulous, music was pretty awesome way to spend a rainy Friday in Philadelphia.


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Restaurant Review: Stella                                                      

This weekend I ate at the brand new Steven Starr restaurant, Stella.  Stella is a cozy little pizzeria located on 2nd and Lombard; right at the end of South Street. The night we went was a bit of an adventure as we accidentally walked too far down South Street and it happened to be POURING rain. Once we got inside and dried off we were glad we had braved the storm. We ordered a “Bianca” pizza; which was a delicious white pizza with a delicious thin crust. For being a Steven Starr restaurant we were surprised at how reasonably priced the food was! We did feel a little rushed, but probably because we came during prime time on a Saturday night. It was still a great time and a delicious pizza!

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