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 Formal Season Is My Favorite Time of Year!

           Although Formal Season has come and gone.. it should not be punished for my tardiness in posting and given its proper recognition. One of my absolute favorite things about being involved with Greek Life is Formal Season. Every sorority and fraternity for the most part has a “formal” where everyone gets dressed up, and goes to a fancy venue for a night of dancing and eating : ) This year I went to two formals, mine and my boyfriend’s. Mine was held at the Liberty Ballroom at the Courtyard Marriott which is a gorgeous ballroom right across the street from City Hall. My boyfriend’s fraternity held their formal at an artsy bar/restaurant venue in Center City called Moriarty’s.

        Personally, I think that formals are one of the best parts about Greek life in general. I love getting to basically re-do prom every year over and over. I love the pictures, the dresses, the memories. Call me a princess, but going to formal is the closest I think one can get to being Cinderella and going to the ball. Being quite the sentimental person I really cherish the opportunity to close out the year with such a formal affair. I think that being in Philadelphia makes our formals that much cooler than Greek Life other places because we have such a cool array of venues to choose from. For example in my freshman year my formal was in the historic and beautiful Union League building right on Broad St. Last year formal was right on the water .. on a boat!!.. at the Moshulu restaurant, an upscale boat restaurant right by Penn’s landing. ( Also, please note how being in Philadelphia provides for some interesting formal wardrobe opportunities.. note my boyfriend’s outfit ((right)) of Flyer’s orange & black, complete with a Flyer’s tie.)  The pictures and moments I take away from formal will definitely help me to never forget how lucky I was to have such an amazing college experience. I know, I’m sappy… but you all will be too when you are (gasp) rising seniors : ) More posts to come.. Happy Summertimeee!!

❤ Natalie


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Intro to Greek life: All the Basics of Greek Life

Last night Dan and I sat at the Greek Life table at a college fair for HOBY, a leadership program for high schoolers held right here at Temple. In addition to college tables, the fair had a variety of tables regarding college life, such as Intramural sports, clubs and organizations, residence hall life, and of course.. Greek Life!! And who better to man the table than Me… oh yeah and Dan : P As you can see below, my decorations pretty much took over the table and Dan’s set of letters were looking a little lost in my sea of DZ haha. Although we had stuff specific to our respective greek organizations, really we were promoting Greek Life in general. Alot of students asked me questions like who is right for Greek Life? and just plain What is a sorority? Answering these questions inspired me to write a post about Greek Life. That way, if like many people all you know about Greek Life is what you learned from Hercules,  wherever you go to college ( and I certainly hope it’s Temple Hooty Hoooo!) You’ll know a bit more about Greek Life!!

So basically a Greek Organization in most cases is an exclusive social organization, although some are based on professional or cultural interests. However, the greek life you are familiar with from pop culture is social sororities and fraternities. At some schools Greek Life is a huge deal, and it is the main social activity at the school. Here at Temple, Greek Life is not this way; Greeks only comprise about 10% of the campus population total. This gives it a small close knot community feel, which is awesome. However, no matter where you go when you join a Greek organization you have an immediate base of reliable friends which is a great feeling! To get involved  in Greek Life you will have to go out for rush or recruitment, which is usually about a week long process either in the fall or in the spring. At Temple, you can go out for recruitment immediately in the fall! During the week you will get a feeling for the different organizations and get to know their members. Each night of recruitment certain organization who felt a connection with you will invite you back for the next night of recruitment. You can choose which organizations you go back to from there based on who YOU liked. At the end of the week you will select your organization and be formally welcomed into it at something called Bid Day! There are so many advantages to being in a Greek Organization. It’s not just social, but it will also get you involved with other things on campus, challenge you academically, and getyou involved with community service. In addition, sororities and fraternities can also be great tools for networking even in the professional world once you graduate and great ways to demonstrate your responsibility and organization skills.  After all, since 1825, every President and Vice Presidentof the United States has been Greek with the exception of two in each office. So that’s a very basic overview, but hopefully it gives you a basic, general understanding, if you didn’t have one already : )

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I’m A MOM… Pledge Mom That Is !!

Last Night my sorority, Delta Zeta , held the final part of its form of elections. I am officially Fall 2010’s pledge mom!! I am SO SO excited!!

Basically, pretty much every sorority or fraternity has a “pledge mom” or the equivalent of them. This is the person who guides the new members of the organization through their new member period. During your new member period you have to be educated about the history, rituals, and other important aspects of your sorority or fraternity, as well as get to know other members of your pledge class and the older members as well.  Your pledge mom is the person who guides you thorugh this process. I am so excited to be serving in this position in DZ, I already have so many ideas. As a freshman going through recruitment I never could have imagined the leadership opportunities that would open up to me through Greek Life… and here I am!! : )

^^ This picture is from Bid Day 2008, when I accepted my DZ bid; that’s my Pledge Mom front and center 🙂

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Monday’s A Panhel Day


For Temple Sorority girls every Monday at 7:30 is Panhel, short for the Panhellenic Council. Panhel is the union of all the sororities on campus. It’s executive board is made up of representative members from every sorority on campus.  Panhel is important because it aims to prevent tensions from forming between the sororities and promotes unity. Panhel holds big events for Temple’s entire sorority community throughout the year. Last week we had a big MARK makeup party after Panhel where we could get free makeovers, enter into raffles, and order products from MARK representatives. Earlier this year Panhel organized a big trip called “Terror Behind the Walls” to the Eastern State Penetentiary, right around Halloween.  One really cool thing about Panhel is that with so many girls as members, the philanthropies that Panhel undertakes as an organization have the potential to make a huge impact. Tonight we participated in a toiletries drive for a Nonprofit Organization called “A Woman’s Place.” A Woman’s Place is a domestic violence organization based out of Buck’s county in PA. Women can contact A Woman’s Place to seek help, even refuge from abusive relationships. Because it is a place where women can come to seek shelter with their children the organization provides basic things like food, medication, and clothing. Panhel will be collecting toiletries for the women staying at A Woman’s Place this week and next week. I scrounged up a pack of unopened shaving cream that my mom sent me to school with. It was a really easy way to help do something good for someone else. If you want to you can visit their website at http://www.awomansplace.org . They have a wish list of items that make the most helpful donations.

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Initiation Day!!!!!

The much anticipated day FINALLY arrived, Delta Zeta’s New Member Class of 2009 was initiated on 11/17/2009.

(No Makeup allowed.. lookin’ gooood)

Initiation Day is a big deal in Greek Life. It’s a different date for every organization and every organization has different requirements for initiation. After recruitment, if you receive a bid from a fraternity or sorority you spend a period of time as a “new member” or “pledge”. During this time you learn about your organization and meet different requirements. On initiation day you are an official initiate, member, brother/sister, what have you.

Initiation ceremonies are typically considered “rituals”. This means they are secret and noone outside of the organization can ever know what they involve. Initiation day is something you remember for the rest of your time as a collegiate member of a Greek organization. Our initiation ceremony was held at the Delta Zeta house at Drexel and we came back to Temple to exchange gifts afterwards. In Delta Zeta it is tradition for “bigs” and “littles” to excahnge gifts after the ceremony. The bigs give their littles lettered clothing, since they are officially allowed to wear them after initiation. Littles give their bigs a decorated paddle. I got lucky and my little spoiled me. I also got a decorated picture fram with my favorite picture of my little and I , annnd (drum roll please) a ZEBRA PRINT SNUGGIE!!!! oooo ahhhh

My paddle from my little : )

My snuggie modeled by.. not me

Alright, that’s all for now.. I gotta go watch GLEE so I’ll catch you later.


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