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On Sunday night my boyfriend surprised me with an AMAZING live concert by Graham Colton. Graham Colton is an awesome singer and I am a huge fan of his band, the Graham Colton Band, so needless to say getting to hear him play accoustic, live, was a completely awesome surprise. The concert was at World Cafe Live, an intimate restaurant-type setting, where performers literally serenade you while you eat.  I took this picture on my phone. We were probably like 40 feet away from him.. so cool.The artists even hang around in the lobby area afterward so that you can get pictures and autographs.  World Cafe Live is an artsy, super cool venue on Chestnut near Penn’s campus- only about a ten minute drive. I DEFINITELY want to go back here. They have an amazing list of performers come through each month. Below is a video of one of his songs that you are most likely to have heard. It’s one of my all-time favorites- and we learned at the concert that he actually wrote this in high school, which is beyond impressive.  Anyway, enjoy!!


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