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That’s Right I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout GRADUATION…

Not to say, that people are saying it’s impossible to actually graduate.. but I’m sure as you make your way through college presentations and talk to people you know, the idea that it is taking more and more students a bit longer than four years to graduate is becoming familiar to you. There are many reasons for this delay. Some students add double majors, some choose to study abroad more than once, and others pursue higher degrees in accelerated programs. While this is all fine and great for those people, it has always been a personal goal of mine to graduate in FOUR years please : ) Well, I’m here to tell you all today that I WILL be GRADUATING in May 2012.. exactly four years from when I started my incredible experience here at Temple. I went to my advisor yesterday and found out that I am goood to go for graduation in Spring 2012.  However, as excited as I was- this did come as bittersweet news to me. I can’t believe that this coming year will be my final year here at Temple. Roughly translated the coming year will be my….


So as an official rising senior I would like to offer the following words of advise prospective students..

Meet with your advisors here at Temple frequently. They will not only keep you on track for graduation but they will help you pack every bit of awesome that Temple has into your time here.

Congratulate everyone you know who is graduating this year because it is an amazing accomplishment.

And finally….

Enjoy every single up all-nighter, nail-biting exam, snow-covered trudge to class, pound of your Freshman Fifteen, and every single other thing that will happen to you because college ( ESPECIALLY a TEMPLE) is the best four years you can never do again ❤


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