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I Came, I Flang, I Flung

So, one of the most highly anticipated days of the year here on Temple’s campus has come and gone.. that’s right.. you guessed it.. SPRING FLING!!!  Spring Fling is basically a huge carnival- style event set up on campus. There are A MILLION things to do and A MILLION free things to pick up!! Different student organizations will hold tables and raise money for their organization or different charitable causes. My sorority’s event was a dunk tank ( pictured at right, obviously). We called it Dunk -A-DZ and girls took turns signing up to actually sit in the dunk tank and get dunked.. This picture isn’t the greatest because it looks like the weather was bad but the weather was actually GORGEOUS.. which is just perfect for SpringFling. That’s not me in the picture, but another one of my sisters. We all had a blast!! I definitely took advantage of the other free, fun events on campus as well, like the giant rock climbing wall, moon bounce, sumo wrestling pit ( complete with full sumo wrestler fat suits), and of course .. a TON of free food. All in all, Spring Fling was a SUCCESS. I definitely flung like a champ.. and the fact that I only have one left, is the saddest thing in the entire world. Savor EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF COLLEGE!!!.. it goes all toooo fastt : (


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