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 Formal Season Is My Favorite Time of Year!

           Although Formal Season has come and gone.. it should not be punished for my tardiness in posting and given its proper recognition. One of my absolute favorite things about being involved with Greek Life is Formal Season. Every sorority and fraternity for the most part has a “formal” where everyone gets dressed up, and goes to a fancy venue for a night of dancing and eating : ) This year I went to two formals, mine and my boyfriend’s. Mine was held at the Liberty Ballroom at the Courtyard Marriott which is a gorgeous ballroom right across the street from City Hall. My boyfriend’s fraternity held their formal at an artsy bar/restaurant venue in Center City called Moriarty’s.

        Personally, I think that formals are one of the best parts about Greek life in general. I love getting to basically re-do prom every year over and over. I love the pictures, the dresses, the memories. Call me a princess, but going to formal is the closest I think one can get to being Cinderella and going to the ball. Being quite the sentimental person I really cherish the opportunity to close out the year with such a formal affair. I think that being in Philadelphia makes our formals that much cooler than Greek Life other places because we have such a cool array of venues to choose from. For example in my freshman year my formal was in the historic and beautiful Union League building right on Broad St. Last year formal was right on the water .. on a boat!!.. at the Moshulu restaurant, an upscale boat restaurant right by Penn’s landing. ( Also, please note how being in Philadelphia provides for some interesting formal wardrobe opportunities.. note my boyfriend’s outfit ((right)) of Flyer’s orange & black, complete with a Flyer’s tie.)  The pictures and moments I take away from formal will definitely help me to never forget how lucky I was to have such an amazing college experience. I know, I’m sappy… but you all will be too when you are (gasp) rising seniors : ) More posts to come.. Happy Summertimeee!!

❤ Natalie


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I Came, I Flang, I Flung

So, one of the most highly anticipated days of the year here on Temple’s campus has come and gone.. that’s right.. you guessed it.. SPRING FLING!!!  Spring Fling is basically a huge carnival- style event set up on campus. There are A MILLION things to do and A MILLION free things to pick up!! Different student organizations will hold tables and raise money for their organization or different charitable causes. My sorority’s event was a dunk tank ( pictured at right, obviously). We called it Dunk -A-DZ and girls took turns signing up to actually sit in the dunk tank and get dunked.. This picture isn’t the greatest because it looks like the weather was bad but the weather was actually GORGEOUS.. which is just perfect for SpringFling. That’s not me in the picture, but another one of my sisters. We all had a blast!! I definitely took advantage of the other free, fun events on campus as well, like the giant rock climbing wall, moon bounce, sumo wrestling pit ( complete with full sumo wrestler fat suits), and of course .. a TON of free food. All in all, Spring Fling was a SUCCESS. I definitely flung like a champ.. and the fact that I only have one left, is the saddest thing in the entire world. Savor EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF COLLEGE!!!.. it goes all toooo fastt : (

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My Babies Are All Grown Up!!

Hello Out there!! I’m so sorry I have ben such a negligent blogger over the past month, but you can blame it all on the 36 BEAUTIFUl ladies above. This was Delta Zeta’s new member calss of Fall 2010 and I was their pledge mom. One of the most amazing things about being in a sorority is the opportunity to have a leadership experience. I served as a mentor to these girls over the past eight weeks, teaching them all of the history, traditions, and ideals of my sorority. On Saturday they were initiated and I could not be more proud of all of them. They are all now officially sisters : )

        Above is a picture of em with all of them on their initiation day with the pillows their bigs made them and the paddle they all mae for me. I also got a eautiful new pair of letters and a Tiffany’s bracelet with “Fall 2010” engraved on the back. I really could not be more grateful, not just for the gifts but the amazing girls I had the opportunity to watch grow and mature over the past eight weeks. Now that I am done and have a bit more free time I will update you on all of the fabulous things I have been doing at Temple and with Delta Zeta.

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On Friday I Became the Proud Pledge Mom to 37 Beautiful Baby Turtles ❤

Baby Turtles are what we call our New Members in Delta Zeta. The picture above is from Bid Day.. probably one of the MOST exciting days of the year in sorority world. This is the night at the end of sorority recruitment when all of the potential new members get their bids from the four sororities on campus and decide where to go. That’s me in the picture above sitting on the ground smiling while the other girls look at me like a crazy person haha. I had a BLAST! DZ and the other three sororities worked hard all week long to find the girls who would be the best fit for our own unique styles of sisterhood.. and we definitely found them!! As a Pledge Mom I will be responsible for guiding these girls throughout their new memberperiod- doing things like helping them set up a philanthropic project, monitoring study hours for them, and helping them to bond with the other sisters. Bid Day was one of the event s I was in charge of organizing for DZ with my position, and I must say, all in all I think it was a success. We welcomed each new member with a pink rose ( the flower of our sorority) and a Bid Day shirt which I designed and ordered!! ( lookclosely and you’ll see the tile of this post on our shirts ; ) ) Joining a sorority really has been one of THE best things I’ve done at Temple. I’ve learned leadership skills, event planning, time management, and  have gained a group of friends so close that I call them my sisters. ❤

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I love Syllabus Week !!

I know, I know, I’m such a nerd. I just can’t help it though!! I adore the first week of classes. I love fresh notebooks with my handwriting while it’s still neat and pretty, and freshly printed syllabi free from coffee stains, and learning something completely new.  I have some amazing classes this semester too! One of my favorites is called Child Literature and Folklore. It is a class that analyzes not only the components of a fairytale or folktale but also gives insight into what they symbolize on social and cultural levels as well. Some of the interpretations I’ve heard already range from hilarious to morbid to downright ridiculous. It is a great way to work on critical reading and writing with interesting material. Plus, how could I not love this stuff? I am an English major after all : P My room mates were so jealous when they saw that I had on my list of things to pick up from the book store things like “Winnie the Pooh”, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, “Are You There God it’s Me Margaret?” and ” Bridge to Terabithia”.  We do an entire unit just on Alice in Wonderland!! At the end of the semester we pick a significant text from our childhood and write an interpretive analytical essay on it. I am SO excited!! ( haha nerd, nerd, nerd.)

Some of my other classes this semester include Intro to English, Public Policy Analysis, and The American Constitution.I’m glad I have so many classes that I am genuinely interested in. It makes going to class that much more appealing on those mornings when dragging yourself out of bed at 7:00 is a struggle to say the least. More to come!


Owl Ambassador ; )

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Haitian Relief Effort Can Shake

Watching news reports about the devastation caused in Haiti by earthquakes has been heartbreaking. There are over 3 million people left in need of emergency aid in the aftermath of the hurricane.  In a country where 80% of the population was already living under he poverty line, this is an incredibly serious matter. There have been efforts all over campus by different organizations to try to raise money to send to Haiti to help with relief efforts.  There is currently a TU Haiti Relief Campus- Wide  Collection Drive being held where student can donate all sorts of hygiene items and nonperishable food items to be sent to Haiti. Delta Zeta held our own emergency can shake at the bell tower at the center of campus yesterday from 10-2. Girls held posters and shook cans asking for donations from Temple students and faculty on their way to class.  It seems like such a small thing to do but in just a few hours we raised over $600 to send to Haiti. Being able to participate in meaningful philanthropies, like this can shake for Haiti is one of the things I love most about being in a sorority. Being involved in community service was something that I really wanted to continue to do when I came to college and Temple has presented me with some really amazing ways of doing so inside and outside of my sorority. Another great thing about Temple aside from being service oriented is that I can definitely say I feel like it is a globally minded institution.  But anyway, that’s all for now, woo for almost finishing my first week of classes!!

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My Dream House!

I’m so excited to be writing this post!!! Right now, in December, I already know where I am going to be living next year.. and it rocks!! So let my explain my situation, Temple has what they call a “2 On 2 Off ” housing policy. So what this means is that in Freshman and Sophomore year Temple students are elligible for student housing. Junior and Senior year we move off campus.  This year, as a Sophomore I am living in student housing, in an apartment style residence hall. While it’s fine and I can’t really complain, I’m so excited to be moving off campus and into a real house next year!!

So, seven girls from my sorority and myself will be moving into a two year old house on 17th and Page. This is just a few blocks off campus. We found the house because of our “bigs” in the sorority, who are all seniors this year and are living in an identical house two doors down from the one we will be moving into next year. The house is absolutely GORGEOUS! It is three stories with a basement. Some of my favorite parts are on the first floor. It has a sunken conversation pit, so basically the living room is in this little pit, that you walk down a flight of stairs right next to the front door to get into.  It has hardwood floors on the first level in the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen has all new appliances and even an island!! We even have a garage. ( Maybe I won’t get so many parking tickets this year: / )The best part.. I’m going to have my own room!!! After two years of living with a roommate the promise of my own room is unbelievably enticing lol. My mom was a go because it’s really inexpensive, I’m only paying about 20 dollars more per month than I did this year. She was also pretty excited because the house is equipped with a state of the art security system paid for by the landlord. I’m so excited to be living in a house of all my sisters and what’s even better is that the next two houses over are going to be all filled with girls in my sorority as well.

Pictures to come as soon as I get some!! ❤

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