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I love Syllabus Week !!

I know, I know, I’m such a nerd. I just can’t help it though!! I adore the first week of classes. I love fresh notebooks with my handwriting while it’s still neat and pretty, and freshly printed syllabi free from coffee stains, and learning something completely new.  I have some amazing classes this semester too! One of my favorites is called Child Literature and Folklore. It is a class that analyzes not only the components of a fairytale or folktale but also gives insight into what they symbolize on social and cultural levels as well. Some of the interpretations I’ve heard already range from hilarious to morbid to downright ridiculous. It is a great way to work on critical reading and writing with interesting material. Plus, how could I not love this stuff? I am an English major after all : P My room mates were so jealous when they saw that I had on my list of things to pick up from the book store things like “Winnie the Pooh”, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, “Are You There God it’s Me Margaret?” and ” Bridge to Terabithia”.  We do an entire unit just on Alice in Wonderland!! At the end of the semester we pick a significant text from our childhood and write an interpretive analytical essay on it. I am SO excited!! ( haha nerd, nerd, nerd.)

Some of my other classes this semester include Intro to English, Public Policy Analysis, and The American Constitution.I’m glad I have so many classes that I am genuinely interested in. It makes going to class that much more appealing on those mornings when dragging yourself out of bed at 7:00 is a struggle to say the least. More to come!


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