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That’s Right I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout GRADUATION…

Not to say, that people are saying it’s impossible to actually graduate.. but I’m sure as you make your way through college presentations and talk to people you know, the idea that it is taking more and more students a bit longer than four years to graduate is becoming familiar to you. There are many reasons for this delay. Some students add double majors, some choose to study abroad more than once, and others pursue higher degrees in accelerated programs. While this is all fine and great for those people, it has always been a personal goal of mine to graduate in FOUR years please : ) Well, I’m here to tell you all today that I WILL be GRADUATING in May 2012.. exactly four years from when I started my incredible experience here at Temple. I went to my advisor yesterday and found out that I am goood to go for graduation in Spring 2012.  However, as excited as I was- this did come as bittersweet news to me. I can’t believe that this coming year will be my final year here at Temple. Roughly translated the coming year will be my….


So as an official rising senior I would like to offer the following words of advise prospective students..

Meet with your advisors here at Temple frequently. They will not only keep you on track for graduation but they will help you pack every bit of awesome that Temple has into your time here.

Congratulate everyone you know who is graduating this year because it is an amazing accomplishment.

And finally….

Enjoy every single up all-nighter, nail-biting exam, snow-covered trudge to class, pound of your Freshman Fifteen, and every single other thing that will happen to you because college ( ESPECIALLY a TEMPLE) is the best four years you can never do again ❤


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I Came, I Flang, I Flung

So, one of the most highly anticipated days of the year here on Temple’s campus has come and gone.. that’s right.. you guessed it.. SPRING FLING!!!  Spring Fling is basically a huge carnival- style event set up on campus. There are A MILLION things to do and A MILLION free things to pick up!! Different student organizations will hold tables and raise money for their organization or different charitable causes. My sorority’s event was a dunk tank ( pictured at right, obviously). We called it Dunk -A-DZ and girls took turns signing up to actually sit in the dunk tank and get dunked.. This picture isn’t the greatest because it looks like the weather was bad but the weather was actually GORGEOUS.. which is just perfect for SpringFling. That’s not me in the picture, but another one of my sisters. We all had a blast!! I definitely took advantage of the other free, fun events on campus as well, like the giant rock climbing wall, moon bounce, sumo wrestling pit ( complete with full sumo wrestler fat suits), and of course .. a TON of free food. All in all, Spring Fling was a SUCCESS. I definitely flung like a champ.. and the fact that I only have one left, is the saddest thing in the entire world. Savor EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF COLLEGE!!!.. it goes all toooo fastt : (

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GMOs: Friends or Foes?

In one short hour I will be doing the last graded assignment before my Spring Break begins!!! This assignment is a debate presentation for a GenEd class called Sustainable Environments. I will be arguing in favor of Genetically Modified Organisms ( hence the James and the Giant Peach pic to the right) from an Agricultural/ Environmental perspective. As a tour guide, I love to talk ( in case you couldn’t tell from reading my blog).  Thus I have the opposite problem of most people when giving presentations in that I talk too much! The presentation is only supposed to last five minutes and every time I’ve tried it I end up getting so into the information that it takes me closer to 10. Whoops!

I’ve learned all kinds of really cool stuff about GMOs since being given this assignment. Before, I had a totally negative perspective on people tampering with my food at all- but I’ve actually learned there are some really cool things that can be achieved with Genetically Modified Organisms, like more sustainable farming practices,  bioremediation capabilities, and more.  That’s one of the cool things about GenEd classes- they really do give you useful insight into real world issues that are affecting you.

Anyway, hope I didn’t bore you with my shpeel about Giant Peaches.. but that’s what I’m thinking about right now!! Expect some exciting Spring Break posts in the very near future!!

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 Last week I went to the Temple Basketball Double Header!!

 That’s ALOT of basketball : ) I went first to the Women’s game against St. Joe’s, which we won WOOO! However, the most exciting part of the game was getting to go see one of my lovely fellow Owl Ambassadors sing the National Anthem before the start of the game!! Owl Ambassador Alyssa ( featured in the photo on the left side of this post)  went in for an audition a couiple weeks before and scored the opportunity to sing before the game!! She sounded LOVELY!! I had no idea and thought it was pretyy cool that as a Temple student anyone can go in and audition to sing before one of the basketball games. Pretty cool, right? So, prospective students, if YOU decide to come to Temple, you could be the next Alyssa, enchanting us all with your delightful  musical stylings!!

Then I stayed for the Men’s basketball game against UPenn. We won, naturally : ) It was a pretty exciting game though!! Whenever Temple gets over a certain amount of points ( I think it’s 73? don’t quote me on it) everyone who attended the game gets a FREE taco from Qdoba.  Yeah, I mean it! Would I lie to you about something as important as free tacos?! No way. Just another big ol’ perk of bneing a Temple student : ) Another fun thing that happened during the basketball game was the Dunkin Donuts giveaway at half time. Dunkin Donuts selected two girls in the audience to put on giant coffee costumes ( one hot coffee, and one iced coffee) and dribble basketballs down the court and then shoot a basket at each end. Whoever completed the obstacle course first won free stuff from Dunkin Donuts. The ICed Coffee ended up being on eof the girls from my sorority’s Fall ’10 pledge class, and she WON!! WOOO I was so proud of my little iced coffee ❤ So, all in all, two great wins by ATemple, some impressive and funny opportunities for my friends ,and good times had by all.;



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So naturally, I decided to include in this post a picture of one of my friends and I pretending to be ninjas with scarves wrapped around our heads in my freshman residence hall room.  Because, in all honesty, college is all about being a fool.. it’s just knowing how to be a fool and getting ridiculous amounts of work done at the same time  : )

I have an incredibly busy and exciting semester ahead. I went to my tuesday classes today and am excited for both of them. At 9:30 am I had Chaucer. This fulfills one of the elective credits for my English major. I was a little worried about taking a class about a Medeival English writer but I think it’s actually going to be really interesting. My professor is even taking us on a excursion later in the semester to a museum to look at medeival paintings and manuscripts. ( This is enticing to nerdy English majors like myself) Then I had Statistics. As an English and Political Science major.. Math has NEVER been my strong point so I was TOTALLY dreading this class. However, I founf myself in an interesting variation of Statistics called Statistics in the News media. We will be learning how to critically analyze information that is presented to us more so than doing math ( at least that’s what my British professor with an insanely cool tie told us). He said it’s going to be mainly reading and writing which is right up my ally, so I’m pretty pumped for that. Happy first day of the semester everyone!!!!!

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Yesterday was the hardest day ever : ( My best friend Lauren and I drove with my other two best friends Stephenie and Whitney to go to the airport. Stephenie and Whitney are leaving to go to London through Temple’s School of Communications and Theatre London study abroad program. Whitney and Steph will be living and taking classes in London for four whole months ( they return on my birthday weekend on April 17th!!) It is such a great opportunity for them and I know they are going to have the time of their lives. It’s always harder to be the one that stays behind though, but Lauren and I are determined to keep Philadelphia running in their absence, so no worries : ) I am still considering going abroad myself in the second Summer session, to study in France… but I haven’t decided for sure yet. Lauren will be going abroad in the first summer session to study in Rome.. I however, will be here in Philly taking the LSAT. ( mehhh) Temple really does offer so many study abroad options, so that pretty much anyone can manage to fit going abroad into their time here at Temple, and even though I’m incredibly bitter about losing my two besties for four whole months, I encourage anyone who can to take the opportunity to go abroad while at Temple : )

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Nope, not the cute yellow bird from the Peanuts. I’m not talking about the wild concert either…. Woodstock is the name of a Homeless and Abused Women and Children Shelter here in North Philadelphia, just a couple of blocks behind my house. This shelter provides a number of services for its residents, including case mangement, child care, and counselling. Why do I care about any of this??

Every Thursday I have been going with a group of my friends to play with some of the resident children. We set up a room full of board games, crayons and paper, and other activities for the children to play with or we all go outside together weather permitting of course ( Believe it or not it’s NOT Always Sunny in Philadelphia ….. bu, dum, DUM!) The kids get SO excited to see us coming and it makes my entire day to see their faces light up. Their parents are appreciative as well and always thank us for taking time out of our days to come make the kids a little happier. It was So great when last night some of the kids came trick-or-treating to my door at my off-campus housing on n.17th st. They were all pretty excited to find out that we are neighbors : )

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