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One of the Great Things about Going to College in the City..

is that you don’t necessarily need to have a car to get around!! Many college students worry about being immobile at college without their car. However, coming to Philadelphia means finding the world of public transportation right at your finger tips. Take advantage of it!! You can find public transportation to virtually anywhere you need to go in the city ( Exhibit A: me having a fabulous time taking the SEPTA bus which stops right outside my just-off-campus housing for a night out in Center City). I honestly wish I had started taking public transportation more frequently earlier on in my college career- but now I use it to get virtually everywhere. Between the subway, bus, trolley, and different trains there is virtually nowhere that you can’t get to using some combination of the different forms of transportation Philly has to offer. Also, Philly public transportation is great for the broke college student, like myself, as you can get discounts on tokens if you buy in bulk or get on most forms of transportation for just two bucks!! It’s a pretty sweet deal and I definitely reccomend that students coming to the city fro the first time ditch the car and get the full Philly experience by takin’ pub trans like this city girl ūüôā


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 Formal Season Is My Favorite Time of Year!

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Although Formal Season has come and gone.. it should not be punished for my tardiness in posting and given its proper recognition. One of my absolute favorite things about being involved with Greek Life is Formal Season. Every sorority and fraternity for the most part has a “formal” where everyone gets dressed up, and goes to a fancy venue for a night of dancing and eating : ) This year I went to two formals, mine and my boyfriend’s. Mine was held at the Liberty Ballroom at the Courtyard Marriott which is a gorgeous ballroom right across the street from City Hall. My boyfriend’s fraternity held their formal at an artsy bar/restaurant venue in Center City called Moriarty’s.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Personally, I think that formals are one of the best parts about Greek life in general. I love getting to basically re-do prom every year over and over. I love the pictures, the dresses, the memories. Call me a princess, but going to formal is the closest I think one can get to being Cinderella and going to the ball. Being quite the sentimental person I really cherish the opportunity to close out the year with such a formal affair. I think that being in Philadelphia makes our formals that much cooler than Greek Life other places because we have such a cool array of venues to choose from. For example in my freshman year my formal was in the historic and beautiful Union League building right on Broad St. Last year formal was right on the water .. on a boat!!.. at the Moshulu restaurant, an upscale boat restaurant right by Penn’s landing. (¬†Also, please note how being in Philadelphia provides for some interesting formal wardrobe opportunities.. note¬†my boyfriend’s outfit¬†((right)) of Flyer’s¬†orange¬†&¬†black, complete with a Flyer’s tie.) ¬†The pictures and moments I take away from formal will definitely help me to never forget how lucky I was to have such an amazing college experience. I know, I’m sappy… but you all will be too when you are (gasp) rising seniors : ) More posts to come.. Happy Summertimeee!!

‚̧ Natalie

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On Sunday night my boyfriend surprised me with an AMAZING live concert by Graham Colton. Graham Colton is an awesome singer and I am a huge fan of his band, the Graham Colton Band, so needless to say getting to hear him play accoustic, live, was a completely awesome surprise. The concert was at World Cafe Live, an intimate restaurant-type setting, where performers literally serenade you while you eat.¬† I took this picture on my phone. We were probably like 40 feet away from him.. so cool.The artists even hang around in the lobby area afterward so that you can get pictures and autographs.¬† World Cafe Live is an artsy, super cool venue on Chestnut near Penn’s campus- only about a ten minute drive. I DEFINITELY want to go back here. They have an amazing list of performers come through each month. Below is a video of one of his songs that you are most likely to have heard. It’s one of my all-time favorites- and we learned at the concert that he actually wrote this in high school, which is beyond impressive.¬† Anyway, enjoy!!

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It’s my 21st Birthday!!! And you know what?? There is no other place in the entire world that I would rather celebrate it than right here in Philadelphia on Temple’s campus with my best friends in the universe. So it’s a quick post but I leave you with this happy little diddy above that’s defining my day.. and it just so happens that Hall and Oates, singers of this song, are TEMPLE ALUM!! ‚̧

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I Want it OWL

So, One of the best things about being a Temple student is that we have such a trendy mascot; the owl. Not to be superficial, but having such a fantastic mascot opens so many possibilities for home decor ‚̧ Here are some treasures I discovered today that if quite frankly they don’t make you want to be a Temple Owl.. I don’t know what will .

Hoo-tea Hoot Tea Pot.. Owl Teapot?! zomg sooo cute.

You’ll soar around campus in these owl earrings..Wise to You Earrings

Nocturn-owl Lifestyle LampNight Owl?? No need to stay in the dark if you have this ADORABLE owl lamp..


Not gonna lie.. These are a personal favorite : ) Wise Owls never lose thir keys with these owl shaped “Quirkeys” key covers!Apt Owl Key Caps


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On Friday the weather here in Philadelphia was absolutely lovely!!! There are so many good things about spring in Philadelphia, but going to one of Philadelphia’s gorgeous parks has to be one of the best. I, like many others, took advantage of the fantastic weather by heading down to Rittenhouse Square, a gorgeous park located just South of City Hall at Walnut St. Rittenhouse Square was one of the five original open-space parks planned by William Penn for Philadelphia in the late 17th century. ¬†Today, Rittenhouse is, for lack of a better word, “POPPIN!” This is a Philadelphia Cultural hot spot. People from all walks of life hang out here to eat their lunches, jog, play trumpets, hula-hoop, salsa-dance, and show off their dogs and their babies. In one short afternoon at Rittenhouse I saw it all. There are huge grassy areas where people set up blankets and hang out . We brought a couple of sodas and some speakers ans just lied on our blanket in the grass people-watching. As relaxing as it was for us, it was a frenzy of life for others, small children rode scooters in circles on the paved areas of the parks and people chased down their dogs.

Rittenhouse has to be one of THE BEST places in the entire world to people watch. There are also a variety of small businesses and restaurants in the surrounding area- so if you’re looking to do some dining or shopping Rittenhouse is a good place to be ! It’s easy to get to from Temple’s campus . You can just hop on the subway at Cecil B Moore and take it down to the Walnut/Locust stop; it’s only about a 10 minute ride tops. Most of all, it is the perfect to take in the true essence of Philadelphia ‚̧ Get out there and enjoy the sunshine y’all!

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Sometimes my boss humors me by referring to me when I am introduced at Temple’s Open Houses before tour as “Temple’s own Elle Woods”. I definitely planted the idea, due to my absurd idollization of the fictional character from the movie Legally Blonde. Buttttt, you have to admit there are some parallels, I’m Vice President of my sorority, aspiring law student, driver of a cute little barbie car, I don’t have a small adorable dog .. but I do have a small adorable kitten.. maybe slight resemblance to Reese Witherspoon?? No? Okay, I may be pushing it.. but regardless as I am now a Junior, becoming Elle Woods is getting closer and closer to reality as I start to look into the law school admissions process.

I did some basic review for the LSAT in my Sophomore year including a Logic Games Workshop that met bi-monthly. This summer I got an LSAT book and began kind of studying that and taking a few diagnostic tests on my own. This fall semester I took my first official Kaplan administered Practice LSAT right here at Temple¬† and did WAY better than I could have ever imagined doing!!! This hopefully means that once I begin studying more intensely I will be able to get some pretty killer LSAT scores and get into a top-notch law school!! Temple pre-law advisers have been incredibly helpful to me in my process thus far.¬† Temple in fact has a pretty fantastic law school itself and if you’re interested in law school this is a great place to be!!! S0 below are my current top picks for law school.

University of Georgia

University of Florida

University of North Carolina



University of Virginia


And last.. but CERTAINLY not least.. TEMPLE!!

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