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One of the Great Things about Going to College in the City..

is that you don’t necessarily need to have a car to get around!! Many college students worry about being immobile at college without their car. However, coming to Philadelphia means finding the world of public transportation right at your finger tips. Take advantage of it!! You can find public transportation to virtually anywhere you need to go in the city ( Exhibit A: me having a fabulous time taking the SEPTA bus which stops right outside my just-off-campus housing for a night out in Center City). I honestly wish I had started taking public transportation more frequently earlier on in my college career- but now I use it to get virtually everywhere. Between the subway, bus, trolley, and different trains there is virtually nowhere that you can’t get to using some combination of the different forms of transportation Philly has to offer. Also, Philly public transportation is great for the broke college student, like myself, as you can get discounts on tokens if you buy in bulk or get on most forms of transportation for just two bucks!! It’s a pretty sweet deal and I definitely reccomend that students coming to the city fro the first time ditch the car and get the full Philly experience by takin’ pub trans like this city girl 🙂


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